BukkitLTI (Minecraft)

by Instructure
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  • 7th-12th Grade
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Requires Consumer Key and Secret

This plugin allows you to add your Minecraft server as an LTI tool. Teachers can associate assignments with locations in the world, and students can submit written books or locations back to teachers. Specifically, it adds three commands:

  • /assignment
  • /grade
  • /register

The /grade command can be used by command blocks for automated grading.

See the demo video for more information.

Installation Instructions

Visit http://minecraft.inseng.net:8133/consumer to obtain a consumer key and secret.

You can also install this plugin on your own Bukkit server by downloading a released jar from https://github.com/instructure/BukkitLTI .

Config Options
Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS

Braden Anderson on Mar 10, 2015
Andrew, you can use https://github.com/instructure/ForgeLTI for Forge, but this is also compatible with CraftBukkit from Spigot.
Andrew Kuhn on Nov 10, 2014
This is an awesome idea! Sad, that Crafbukkit is no more. Is there any discussion of updating this?
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Samuel Dickerman on Sep 01, 2014
Awesome idea!