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Requires Consumer Key and Secret (click here to generate)

Flash Reference is a dedicated flashcard creation and hosting platform for schools and universities. Flashcard study sets require authentication to help you protect copyrighted content that can be shared within your school. Once configured, teachers and students can create and add flashcards to their courses in just a few simple clicks. Each flash card can contain text, image, or text+image on both sides of the card. There are no limits to the number of flash cards that can be created and students can favorite cards to study later, shuffle the cards, and auto flip/advance cards.

Flash Reference Example

To get started with a free trial or to learn more, visit https://flash-reference.com/trial-registration and use the contact form to send us your contact information.

Installation Instructions

Flash Reference is a hosted SaaS application that requires a low annual subscription fee. To register for a free trial please visit https://flash-reference.com/trial-registration and use the form to contact us.


We will provide a Consumer Key and Secret that can be used to configure the LTI Provider within your LMS, giving all of your teachers and students access to create and share their own flashcards.


Config Options
Accessibility Documentation:
Flash Reference is dedicated to providing a positive experience to all students and strives to be in compliance with WCAG standards. https://flash-reference.com/accessibility
Security Information:
Flash Reference was built with security in mind. Every page is loaded over https and user's passwords and hashed before being stored in our database. https://flash-reference.com/security
Privacy Policy:
Due to the nature of Flash Reference, the student information gathered through the LTI integration is limited to the student's name and email address. This is used to create an account, allow personalization, and provide general statistics. https://flash-reference.com/privacy
LMS API's your app uses:
Currently Flash Reference does not use any LMS APIs.
Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS