GMetrix Student Single Sign On

GMetrix Student Single Sign On

by GMetrix LLC
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Requires Consumer Key and Secret (click here to generate)

Consumer Key and Secret must be generated for an existing GMetrix Testing Center. You can log in to your account at to generate a key and secret for your testing center. For instructions on generating your Key and Secret, please see this article:

GMetrix can be used with 2 optional custom parameters. If neither are sent, the student will simply be logged in to the GMetrix panel, and have full access to the GMetrix site. If a resource key is sent, an access code is required to access that resource. In this case, the GMetrix panel is in limited mode, and the student will only have access to the resource that matches the key.

• accesscode - Optional. A custom parameter containing the GMetrix access code that will be used to access the content on the GMetrix site. • gmxresourcekey – A Unique key used to directly link to a GMetrix resource. These resource keys can be found at on the home page in the LTI section. (note this section only appears after a consumer key and secret have been assigned to your testing center)

Config Options
Accessibility Documentation:
Accessibility options follow standard web site practices for screen readers, keyboard shortcuts, and high contrast color schemes. Accessibility options are enabled either from the teacher portal by the teacher, or by the student in the Account page.
Security Information:
HMAC-SHA1, HMAC-SHA256, and HMAC-SHA512 are supported. Additional security information can be found at
Privacy Policy:
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Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS