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For more detailed information about MATLAB Grader, please visit

MATLAB Grader is an application that offers: Browser-based authoring environment; Creation and sharing of MATLAB-based assignments; Autograded student solutions with custom scoring rubrics; Rich text, images, hyperlinks and LaTeX equations in problem descriptions; Responsive layout for use beyond desktops for all users; Library of re-usable example problems; Optional LMS integration to bring autograding into any learning environment.

Unlike grading traditional homework assignments with MATLAB code by hand, our offering provides automatic reviews and grading of students’ MATLAB code. In addition, it offers real-time feedback to students, access to the latest version of MATLAB and toolboxes for use in assessments, and integration within the institution’s learning management system and gradebook (using LTI standards).

As a result: Grades are calculated and synced to the gradebook automatically, without manual effort by teaching assistants, instructors or faculty; Faculty can jump-start course development using off-the-shelf content and re-use or re-mix content from past courses. Students solutions are all created using the same version of MATLAB and without their having to leave the course site; Real-time feedback helps students learn from their mistakes, improving overall academic performance.

Installation Instructions

MATLAB Grader requires a separate paid MATLAB Grader license, and is only available to academic enterprise users of MATLAB (Campus-Wide License or Community and Technical College License customers). To purchase a MATLAB Grader license, please contact your MathWorks account representative at:

Once you have obtained a license for MATLAB Grader, detailed installation instructions, based on your LMS, are available at:

Config Options
Accessibility Documentation:
MathWorks is committed to improving the accessibility of its software products for users with disabilities. The initial focus is on the learner’s view of solution-authoring and submission using MATLAB Grader embedded within a learning environment. MATLAB Grader is conformant with WCAG 2.0 Level A and AA. MATLAB Grader is tested with NVDA on Windows 10 running the application in the latest version of the Chrome browser. The MATLAB Grader VPAT is available at
Security Information:
This implementation of MATLAB Grader requires the LTI 1.3 specification. Additionally, a MathWorks account is required for an LMS administrator to register your, and for instructors to associate MATLAB Grader content created at with their LMS user account(s). Information about MathWorks security practices can be obtained at the MathWorks Trust Center at
Privacy Policy:
The MathWorks privacy policy is available at: Licensing information for MATLAB Grader is available at:
LMS API's your app uses:
MATLAB Grader requires LTI 1.3 and is 1EdTech LTI 1.3 Certified. If you are interested in LTI integration for your LMS, please contact MathWorks Customer Support to begin the implementation process.
Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS