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Requires Consumer Key and Secret

zyBooks Platform Features

  • Adopt computer science and other STEM zyBooks as a replacement or supplement for your existing textbook. zyBooks focuses on highly interactive elements inside of the book, to replace walls of text that students don’t read.

  • Write, compile, and execute code directly inside of a zyBook.

  • Track students as they work through the course and get a real-time view of activity completion.

  • Use zyLabs for computer science as a homework assessment engine to auto-grade assignments.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Use single-sign-on integration between your LMS and the zyBooks platform - no need to register a separate account with zyBooks.

Configure links in your LMS that direct students directly into the section that you want students to complete. Add your own notes into the zyBooks content with your own material if you’d like.

Gradebook integration

Students can complete assignments in zyBooks and submit their scores directly into your LMS gradebook.

Installation Instructions

Integration configuration

  1. Contact support@zybooks.com to request a key and secret unique to your LMS installation.
  2. Create a new external application on the Canvas settings page. Provide the configuration URL listed below.

Content linking

Follow the directions in the following help article to create a link from Canvas to zyBooks.

Gradebook linking

Follow the directions in the following help article to link zyBook assignments to the Canvas gradebook.

Config Options
Accessibility Documentation:
zyBooks strives to meet all Section 508 / WCAG 2.0 requirements. More information can be found in the zyBooks VPAT https://www.zybooks.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/zyBooks-VPAT-final.pdf.
Security Information:
zyBooks does not use any Canvas APIs outside of standard LTI protocols. zyBooks requires that user emails be provided in order to enable single-sign-on capabilities. Please see our Terms of Service at https://www.zybooks.com/terms-of-use/. Contact support@zybooks.com for more information.
Privacy Policy:
Privacy policy is available at https://www.zybooks.com/privacy-policy.
LMS API's your app uses:
1.0 + 1.1/outcomes extension
Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS