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EduBase Quizes and exams

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Requires Consumer Key and Secret (click here to generate)

EduBase is cloud-based educational platform with a smart quizzing system.

Teachers can create online tests with various question types from simple choice to understanding complex math formulas. Math questions can be parameterized so that each student gets a numerically different question with the same difficulty. Beautiful LaTeX typesetting is supported for mathematical symbols.


During the exam teachers and supervisors can follow the results live. If someone is switching tabs and looking at Wikipedia or Google, you will notice it here.

Live results

Clicking on the name of the student will open their detailed results page to see how they performed. These are automatically generated after students finish with their exam.

Detailed results

If the revisioning option is enabled, students can also flag questions they think has been uploaded and/or graded incorrectly, in which case teachers can override automatic scoring. This can also eliminate the need for organizing revisions physically.

Revisioning and scoring override

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Installation Instructions


• Supported LMS system (e.g Canvas)
• Register on EduBase or your own EduBase instance, preferably with the email address you use on the LMS


Sign in with your account on EduBase and your LMS
• Navigate to the Integrations page on EduBase
Create a new integration
• If it is successfully created, a window opens with the integration keys (Consumer and Secret key) and any available additional metadata
• In your LMS, add an external tool / application and use the configuration XML shown on this page (enable optional features if needed) and the integration keys
EduBase is now connected to your LMS!

Additional notes for Desire2Learn:

• You need to add the Tool Provider first (for your course or on an organizational level) then you can create a Remote Plugin
• Only use Quicklink (CIM) plugin type to share EduBase launch links, Quizes and exams


Create exams on the EduBase backend
Embed EduBase exams in your LMS as external tool / application using the exam selector

If you get lost or need help, you can always contact us at

Config Options
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EduBase tries to conform basic accessibility standards.
Security Information:
EduBase really cares about security and is fully GDPR compliant. All communication is encrypted between EduBase servers, the LMS and the browser. To learn more about security and practices please see our Privacy Policy at or visit EduBase.
Privacy Policy:
EduBase is fully GDPR compliant. For additional information on our privacy policy and practices please see our Privacy Policy at or visit EduBase.
LMS API's your app uses:
This integration only uses LTI capabilities, therefore no API access is needed.
Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS