Qualtrics integration

Qualtrics integration

by Drieam
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See www.drieam.com/qualtrics-integration-canvas for more information and to contact us.

Make evaluations part of the learning journey, increase response rates and improve student experience

With the seamless integration of Qualtrics with Canvas, Qualtrics surveys are easily set-up as Canvas assignments, making them an integral part of the course. Benefit from all options related to a Canvas assignment like deadlines and restricted access. Students can take the survey within their Canvas environment instead of a separate website and there is no need to overload them with email by using the Canvas notifications. This helps to make evaluations part of the learning experience, and not a separate task to be done after completion of the course.

Teachers can keep track of response rates of surveys using the Canvas grade book, permissions to view the student’s submission can be limited be the admin. Hereby anonymity of surveys can be guaranteed when required.

Flexibility and ownership for faculty and teachers

Flexibility for faculty by allowing them to create and distribute their own surveys as assignments. When a survey is completed the submission can be registered, graded or anonymised depending on the objective of the survey. This will be passed back to the Grade book and allows teachers to use the SpeedGrader as well.

Keep overview and control as admin

Instead of creating a unique survey for every single evaluation, Qualtrics templates with customisable embedded data fields can be used. Admins control the distribution of the templates and with these templates gather information and feedback in a structured way. This benefits the data analysis.

By connecting different Qualtrics domains to Canvas sub accounts, the distribution of surveys can be done by individual departments. Admins will be able to manage institute-wide surveys and have an overview of all used surveys.

Installation Instructions

Please contact info@drieam.com or schedule an online appointment through www.drieam.com/qualtrics-integration-canvas

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