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IMS Global Certification from imscert.org

Drieam is an official partner of Qualtrics for the integration with Canvas https://www.qualtrics.com/marketplace/canvas/

For more information and to contact us visit https://drieam.com/en/solutions/qualtrics-lti/


Qualtrics LTI is a plug-in for Canvas LMS, officially approved by Qualtrics. Using Qualtrics LTI, institutional research professionals, department admins, and faculty can distribute Qualtrics surveys inside Canvas and leverage LMS data to boost student response rates. Save time and reduce human errors by automating data collection & sending out surveys in bulk.


With Qualtrics LTI, Qualtrics surveys take place within the trusted environment that Canvas LMS offers, eliminating the need for students to leave their learning environment. Qualtrics LTI embeds surveys as assignments in Canvas, making the survey process faster, more convenient and an integral part of the student learning experience. The improved survey experience in turn helps boost response rates.


Using Qualtrics surveys directly in Canvas LMS allows administrators to gather data-driven insights at all stages of the learning journey to make informed improvements across the institution. Qualtrics embedded data fields enriched with Canvas LMS data (course codes, and SIS ID) reduce the amount of fields students manually need to fill out, improving student survey response rates. By automatically filling fields with Canvas data, the institution’s staff will collect higher-quality data. Using these embedded data fields with Canvas LMS data also simplifies survey distribution. By configuring one survey in the LTI, it can be reused in as many courses as needed and still separate the data in the analysis.


By using Qualtrics LTI, instructors can use Qualtrics projects as graded and ungraded teaching & learning surveys. Qualtrics LTI allows individual instructors to measure how students are faring in their courses and identify areas for attention throughout the duration of a course so extra help can be given to them. Qualtrics LTI leverages Qualtrics’ extensive survey capabilities as a teaching and learning tool by embedding Qualtrics surveys as assignments in Canvas.

With Canvas LMS transitioning from Classic to New Quizzes, you can use Qualtrics LTI by Drieam to maintain the option to use (un)graded surveys in your courses.

Installation Instructions

Please contact info@drieam.com or schedule an online appointment through https://drieam.com/en/solutions/qualtrics-lti/

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At our company, we adhere to the LTI standards and are certified for this by IMS. Additionally, we have obtained a SOC2 Type II certification, which ensures that we operate in a secure manner. This certification is available on request. Request can be made here https://drieam.com/en/security-and-privacy/
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