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Programming education made intuitive.

Increase quality and quantity of feedback. Save time and reduce costs. We believe in doing one thing and doing it great. A grading and feedback environment, so you can be flexible and focus on setting up the ideal learning environment for your students. Making sure your students learn to code, not just learn to use another education platform.

Besides our integrated grading platform, which offers many time-saving and quality-increasing features, we give you intensive and hands-on support. Making sure your teachers don’t have to spend hours configuring options, but can spend their time teaching and providing meaningful feedback. Finally, your teachers will have the time to give your students the feedback they need and deserve.

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Engage students with instant feedback.

Engage your students with immediate and continuous feedback on their code. Write tests in our intuitive UI or seamlessly integrate your own testing scripts. Works with all programming languages and frameworks!

Intuitive inline comments.

Give your students powerful and accessible feedback precisely on lines or blocks of code. Use super easy and efficient shortcuts for high efficiency and consistency. Even interact with students right within the code.

Plagiarism detection for code.

Built-in plagiarism detection that is especially designed for code. With a beautifully insightful online interface and export functionality. Works with all major programming languages and even Jupyter Notebooks!

And much more…

CodeGrade seamlessly integrates with your Learning Management System (Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard, Moodle, Edx, Sakai). Furthermore, we help you with powerful pedagogically proven analytics, peer feedback for code and examination mode. Want to learn about all our features, click here!

Want to learn more? Book a quick 20-minute demo here!

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