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Peerceptiv® engages students and scales learning through research-validated peer assessment. Accountability algorithms motivate students to apply themselves on the giving side of the feedback loop, while a wide range of analytics allow the instructor to confirm learning outcomes, identify students in need of intervention, and improve rubrics over time. A Shared Assignment Library makes assignment creation easier and guides instructors to high-outcome assessments. Please reach out with requests to configure Peerceptiv with your LMS, the links below direct you to general instructions about LMS configuration. We can guide you through the actual setup process. Please contact for more information.

Installation Instructions

For Canvas users using the “configuration url” setting, use the following:

For Canvas direct url or other LMSs, use the following:

Config Options
Accessibility Documentation:
Peerceptiv VPAT documentation available on request.
Security Information: HECVAT available upon request.
Privacy Policy:
Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS