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Vevox is a mobile student response system that make classes, lectures and seminars more inclusive. It facilitates honest uninhibited feedback and discussion though live polling, text Q&A and self-paced surveys.

Students love using Vevox and in a study, 95% of students said that using Vevox would increase the likelihood of them asking questions in class.

Vevox gives every student a voice, whether they are in the room or joining remotely, encouraging everyone to participate and contribute - not just the usual suspects. Lecturers can run live polls seamlessly from either their dashboard or by using the Vevox PowerPoint polling integration. Students participate using their own mobile device or laptop through a simple and intuitive web app.

Our LTI integration provides lecturers a convenient way to access their Vevox account and create Vevox sessions directly through a link within your LMS.

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