CirQlive MEETS for Cisco Webex

CirQlive MEETS for Cisco Webex

by CirQlive
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Requires Consumer Key and Secret

CirQLive’s Media Enhanced Education & Training Suite (MEETS) creates an online platform for live education and training by enabling efficient usage of Web Conferencing from within Learning Management Systems (LMS).

The platform facilitates:
– Integration between Webex and the LMS, enabling single sign on to Webex conferences directly from the LMS.
– Efficient management of Webex sessions including the ability to schedule an entire semester at once.
– Organization of recorded Webex sessions and attendance records.
– Secure account management utilizing state-of-the-art encryption to ensure that account information is always stored securely.
– Scheduling and organizing online classes making use of multiple conferencing services from a single interface.

Supported Webex services:
– Webex Meeting Center
– Webex Training Center
– Webex Event Center

Contact us for purchasing an account and to retrieve a key, secret and custom LTI configuration information before installing the app.

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