iClicker Registration

iClicker Registration

by Macmillan Learning
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  • Postsecondary
  • Canvas
Requires Consumer Key and Secret

This app gives instructors the ability to enable iClicker remote registration from within their course. Students click on the iClicker Registration navigation link to register their iClicker remotes without having to enter their student ID.

Installation Instructions

The first six steps can be completed by an admin or instructor. 1. From Settings > Apps, locate the iClicker app 2. Copy the configuration URL from the EduAppCenter 3. In Settings > Apps, add the new app 4. Choose “By URL” as the configuration type. 5. Enter the name of the app, the consumer key, the shared secret, and paste the configuration URL. 6. Click Submit.

For the instructor: 7. Click on the course 8. In Settings, go to Navigation 9. Drag and drop the app into your navigation to make it visible to students in your course

Config Options
Accessibility Documentation:
<a href="https://www.iclicker.com/accessibility">Accessibility Information</a>
Security Information:
<a href="https://store.macmillanlearning.com/us/privacy-notice#protect-info">Security Information</a>
Privacy Policy:
<a href="https://store.macmillanlearning.com/us/privacy-notice">Privacy Policy</a>
Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS