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SmarterProctoring is a web-based Proctoring Process Management System that transforms the proctoring process by making it organized for faculty, easy for students, efficient for proctors, and free for schools. The system is fully integrated into your LMS and provides organized workflows for all types of proctoring including:

  • On-campus testing centers
  • Professional testing centers
  • Virtual Proctoring
  • Face-2-Face Proctoring

Additional Benefits

Configurable to Your Needs

SmarterProctoring™ offers multiple levels of configuration. This allows the institution to pick and choose the options that are best for it, which makes creating the perfect proctoring program easier than ever!

Leverage Your Testing Centers

Want to use your school’s testing center to proctor exams? No Problem! SmarterProctoring™ can allow students to schedule their exam in your on campus testing center.

Multiple Payment Options

SmarterProctoring™ allows the institution to choose what payment model works best for them. Student pays, institution pays, or combination models are all available within the SmarterProctoring platform!

Works With Existing Worfklow

Already have a proctoring program in place? The SmarterProctoring™ Team will work with you to help keep what you like and improve what you don’t.

Use Your Own Network

Do you already have a network of approved proctors for your students? Let SmarterProctoring™ maximize the efficiency of using your own proctor network.

Expand Your Network

SmarterProctoring™ allows an institution to offer multiple proctoring modalities allowing you to create the most extensive and efficient proctoring program available all from within the comfort of your LMS.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Obtaining Account Credentials

Please contact for the integration keys and initial account configuration.

Step 2: Adding To LMS

To install the LTI tool into your LMS you may follow the instructions for your LMS located at

When you are at the point of adding the Configuration URL, please use the URL that is provided on this page.

Once the tool has been added to the LMS the link can be clicked on in order to access the system.

Config Options
Accessibility Documentation:
Our VPAT can be found here:
Security Information:
Our HECVAT can be found here:
Privacy Policy:
Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS