Visual Classrooms

Visual Classrooms

by Eric Coopey
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  • 7th-12th Grade
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Watch our LMS integration video

Easily integrated into any Learning Management System, our interactive digital whiteboard enables students to quickly capture, share, analyze, and improve ideas together using any media. Our tools combine social learning pedagogies needed to transform teaching and learning with technologies that support a learner focus, with an emphasis on increasing interactivity. Visual Classrooms provides continuous feedback and embedded analytics that help educators personalize learning and ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

Co-designed with both high school and university teachers as part of an $2M NSF grant at Tufts University, Visual Classrooms has been incorporated into classrooms throughout the world to support active learning pedagogies. Digitally scaffold your activities, use the technology you have more effectively, and engage students with their peers ideas.

Student based pricing allows institutional bulk subscriptions as well as individual purchases via credit card, see more on our pricing page

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Installation Instructions

Canvas/LMS integration is a component of our school license package: * Single sign-on from Canvas (or any LMS) * Student portfolio reports * Curriculum sharing * Unlimited uploads

Please contact or use our contact page for a demo.

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