Blue Connector

Blue Connector

by eXplorance Inc.
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Requires Consumer Key and Secret

The Blue Connector provides a window into the powerful eXplorance Blue Learning Management System allowing users to view and complete their surveys and questionnaires.

Installation Instructions

Blue Connector Installation Instructions:

Gather Information

  1. Log in to Blue as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Administration Console by clicking on the Admin menu.
  3. Navigate to the Configuration - Email Settings page.
  4. Find and copy the Blue URL on the Email Settings page to the Blue URL field in this form. Make sure that the URL ends with a “/” (add one if necessary).
  5. Return to Blue and navigate to the Connection - Web Services page.
  6. In the Dashboard section of the Web Services page, find and copy the URL to the Blue Web Services field in this form.
  7. Return to Blue and navigate to the Connection - API Key page and click Generate API Key.
  8. In the form that appears, enter Blue Connector as the Application Name and then click Generate.
  9. Copy the API Key that appears and Close the form.
  10. Paste the API Key into the Blue Connector API Key field in this form.

Add to Canvas

  1. Log in to Canvas as an administrator and select the Managed account from the Courses menu where you would like to install Blue Connector.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Within Settings, navigate to Apps.
  4. Click View App Configurations.
  5. Click Add App to open the Add App form.
  6. Select By URL as the Configuration Type.
  7. Provide a name so that students can recognize the app.
  8. Enter “eXplorance” as the Consumer
  9. Enter “eXplorance” as the Shared Secret.
  10. Copy the Configuration URL from this form and paste it into the Config URL field in Canvas.
  11. Click Submit to add the Blue Connector app to Canvas.
Config Options
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Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS