Unicheck Plagiarism Prevention Software

Unicheck Plagiarism Prevention Software

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Designed to spot text similarities and deter plagiarism in educational environments

Unicheck is a universally integrated plagiarism prevention tool that helps institutions worldwide ensure the success of students. It operates automatically within the LMS ecosystem, and in addition to detecting similarities in text, it also helps students learn how to write in their own words.

We aim to boost educators’ productivity with a fully automated, comprehensive checking process that’s able to process hundreds of assignments in real time. It also helps students to avoid occasional plagiarism by allowing them to self-check their work prior to final submission.

Set up your trial account in only a couple of clicks on www.unicheck.com, and try it out for free!

Features you’ll love

Intuitive user experience for everyone

LMS admins

Integration and set-up in only two clicks.

It takes a couple of clicks to integrate Unicheck into LMS and get it up and running. No hefty installation or prolonged configuration.

Web accessibility removes barriers. 

Unicheck’s interfaces are developed according to the WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines. It promotes equal learning opportunities to all categories of users by providing a limitless user experience.

Compliance with all international data protection standards. 

Unicheck is hosted on the Amazon cloud, and therefore it covers all existing personal data processing rules and guidelines, including GDPR, to ensure the protection of personal data.

Status page.

Updated in real time, this page continuously provides actual data on service uptime, which the SLA agreement states is 99.9%.

Numerous text file formats supported. 

Unicheck supports the most popular file formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .odt, .html, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .odp, .htm, .xls, .xlsx, .ods and Mac pages.

All data is fully encrypted. 

Since it’s hosted on Amazon, personal data processing and storage standards are highly secure. Nobody has access to this data, even Amazon or Unicheck insiders.

Auto-scaling of the system. 

To handle any volume of user requests without slowdowns or glitches, Unicheck is able to automatically upscale system capacity, providing a seamless experience to every user.

Personal account manager. 

Your institution will have its own customer happiness representative who will be in charge of onboarding and ensure seamless usage.

Instant 24/7 multi-channel support. 

Our 24/7 support team is always available to address any of your queries. Just use the online chat, email, or phone number for an instant solution.

Secure and inclusive development. 

Since it’s hosted on the Amazon Cloud, Unicheck can reside and process customers’ personal data in the data centers throughout the globe. It helps to comply with all security standards your institution might have.

FERPA compliance.

Unicheck fully conforms with the “fair use” principle of copyright law when it comes to storing student assignments.

Database migration. 

Moving your database of academic papers from the legacy plagiarism detection solution to Unicheck takes zero effort. Let us know, and we’ll do it in a couple of hours.

Clear pricing. 

Annual subscription fee that includes all services (implementation fee, maintenance fee, support, training, etc).


Original formatting / Plain text mode. 

To ensure an easy review of the paper, Unicheck keeps formatting unaffected. To deeply investigate the text, switch to a “Plain text mode” in a single click.

Easy-to-read similarity results. 

All unoriginal or improperly cited passages are highlighted, and the color map on the left allows for quickly jumping from page to page inspecting the work.

Side-by-side comparison. 

Use the side-by-side comparison mode to compare a particular text with a similarity found in your institution’s library. This mode displays the original paper and the source of the similarity in a single window for an in-depth investigation.

Downloadable report. 

Unicheck’s similarity report can be easily downloaded in PDF format with all active links to similarity sources and comprehensive information. It helps to access the report on-the-go, share it with students and colleagues.

The commenting tool 

The commenting tool is now part of the Unicheck similarity report, promoting communication and discussion between students and educators.

Self-checks for students. 

To help advance the concept of original thinking among learners, Unicheck provides an opportunity for students to check their work before the final submissions to identify which parts require original thought or proper citing.

Similarity checking in multiple languages.

Currently Unicheck scans for similarities in English, Spanish, German, French, Ukrainian, and 15 more languages. Should you need to scan student works in any other language, just let our support team know, and they will make it available for you.

Insightful anti-cheating technology. 

Powerful anti-cheating algorithms allow for effectively spotting character, font, encoding replacement, and more.

Extensive aggregated account statistics. 

For tracking vital user activities and trends, Unicheck provides an entire scope of data about the average similarity rate, the most common sources of plagiarism, etc. This should help educators identify tendencies in learning outcomes so that they can react accordingly.

Real-time search instead of web archive. 

Each assignment is scanned against more than 40 billion unique web pages, articles, academic repositories, etc. Reports don’t have broken links (404 error) as EVERY reported source is checked against the claimed similarity. Up to 22% better search quality (this claim is supported by independent research).

Citations and references.

All citations and references are recognized and grouped for easy review and management.

Comprehensive plagiarism check

Scanning through the latest online sources and scientific databases in real time

Highlighted match in the report

To deliver precise results for all checks, Unicheck scans every assignment against numerous web sources in real time, even those indexed just 30min ago. Compared to scans of web archives, real time web searches give the most complete and up-to-date picture of the sources used in the paper. Firstly, the scan covers all individual pages, not just parts that were archived some time ago. Secondly, every detected similarity includes an actual clickable link for an in-depth investigation—no broken or outdated pages like with the web archive.

Only relevant check results

Unicheck scans online in real time through more than 40 billion unique web sources, academic journals, and repositories, providing only relevant check results. Every link in the similarity report contains alive sources that contain claimed similarities.

Bulk checking

Unicheck performs simultaneous real-time checking of multiple submissions. With this, educators can effortlessly assess large amounts of student works during busy times or whenever.

Check against the library

This extra-useful feature allows instructors and account managers to run checks against the entire institution’s library. This check includes all files uploaded by the account manager, instructors, and students. Thanks to this, you will be able to identify any cases of self-plagiarism among students or if they’re sharing papers with pals.

Identifying citations and reference

Citations and references

Unicheck automatically spots citations and references in the most commonly used formats: APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago/Turabian. They are all highlighted in the report and can be omitted from the overall plagiarism rate. When excluded, similarity percentage is recalculated at once, so that you can receive a more precise figure.

Comprehensive anti-cheating functionality

To successfully pass a plagiarism check, students may resort to different techniques, like replacing characters, inserting non-visible signs, etc. Unicheck spots these tricks and displays a warning about whether possible cheating occurred in a paper.

Inclusive policy

Free trial accounts

Unicheck enables educators to try out its plagiarism detection service for free before signing a license agreement or any other service contracts. Use this trial to decide if Unicheck is right for you.

Flexible pricing plans to fit every size and need

The cost of Unicheck for each institution is calculated individually based on the number of active students and amounts of papers needed to be regularly checked. It’s also possible to start with one campus, department, etc. No overpayments for excessive functionality or hidden costs.

Automatic access to all updated functionality

Whenever the Unicheck production team updates Unicheck, all registered clients immediately get access to new features at no cost.

Installation Instructions

View Unicheck Help Center for more instructions https://support.unicheck.com/hc/en-us.

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