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Projectcampus makes learning in groups and projects easy.

Projectcampus is a simple web application for students and teachers. It allows students to share and discuss progress with their teachers, peers and perhaps a client. Progress can be shared by an individual student or a group, creating a visual timeline of the learning process. Using the unique structure of Projectcampus, an advanced notification system and learning analytics, teachers can track and coach students more easily. No emails anymore!

Projectcampus isn’t yet another platform.

We are focussed on improving progress communication. This is important for courses with student groups, project work, student research or for internships. Projectcampus integrates with existing environments such as Blackboard and with popular cloud and collaboration tools. Android and iOS apps are available for an optimal learning experience on all devices.

Feel free to reach out to us for more information, an online demo or just a talk.

Installation Instructions

At the moment, integrating Projectcampus in your LMS is only available to licensed institutions. Contact to discuss the possibilities of a trial, pilot or license.

To install Projectcampus in your LMS, you need to have a set of credentials. These can be obtained from the organization dashboard in Projectcampus. The XML for tool configuration is available from If your LMS allows it, you can also use the URL directly.

Config Options
Accessibility Documentation:
Security Information:
Privacy Policy:
Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS