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Rezzly is a gamified content creation and student tracking platform where teachers can design and share quests and badges to create personalized learning for their students. Students “level up” through the curriculum, choose quests they want to play, and earn experience points, badges, and awards. Quests can be aligned to standards, including Common Core and NGSS, for real-time achievement reporting. Class is literally turned into a game, providing the opportunity for true mastery learning. Includes monthly professional development on gamification and tech integration strategies. Used in kindergarten through graduate school in over 16+ countries!

This app provides single sign-on authentication so users don’t have to login to multiple platforms. The first time your students click the link inside your Canvas course, they will be prompted to register their account, and be taken immediately into the assigned group of quests. On subsequent clicks, they will enter directly into their assigned quest groups.

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Please contact us at if your institution is seeking an LMS integration with Rezzly.

September 2017 - We are improving user integration for Canvas and will re-post here as soon as it is available.

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