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Requires Consumer Key and Secret

Vocareum <codeLMS> is a cloud platform for coding classes that seamlessly plugs into existing learning systems. We believe that by moving student work to the cloud and leveraging cloud computing resources, we can significantly improve assessment efficiency, quality of student feedback, collaboration strategies for students, learning analytics and more.

You can learn more about our platform here or by signing up to attend any of our weekly “Meet Vocareum” webinars to learn more about our products.

By focusing exclusively on coding classes, we deliver capabilities like grading automation, plagiarism detection and learning analytics that are missing in horizontal LMS offerings. Teachers have used our platform to scale their classes as well as improve student experience by increasing the timeliness and quality of feedback.

We have been used by about 3500 students in coding classes at leading universities such as UCSD, Penn State, UIUC, USC. Classes have ranged from introductory programming, graduate artificial intelligence, intro to Android programming, and embedded system programming classes. Our platform has support for Java, C++, C, Python, OCamL, SQL, Hadoop, Android and we are expanding the support languages and platform rapidly. Classes using our platform have ranged in size from 100 to 650 students.

Installation Instructions

Vocareum is a seamless plugin to Learning Management Systems. Upon setting up of the course on Vocareum, a key and secret is automatically generated with the associated link(s) available at an assignment or course level.

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