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Requires Consumer Key and Secret (click here to generate)

Badgr integrates with Canvas courses and accounts to award portable digital badges to students as they complete course modules. Open Badges may be awarded for any achievement. Badges can recognize diverse achievements, going beyond the simple metrics found in degrees and transcripts to provide a rich picture of a student’s learning journey.

Badgr servers are available worldwide!

Choose the server closest to your location for the best connection. (US server) (Australian server) (Canadian server) (EU server)

Badgr Features

-Automatic badge awarding as students complete course modules.

-Course progress display for instructors and students.

-Create badges and establish badge awarding without leaving Canvas.

-Add an element of gamification to courses with an optional privacy-protecting student leaderboard.

-CSV export of badge earning data.

-Student user profile: see all badges you’ve earned across all your Canvas courses.

-Student badge earners can download and share to social media from within a course.

Badgr Upgrade Offerings

Badgr Pro for Canvas.

Activate powerful new features with a paid Badgr Pro account! Institutions of all sizes can use Badgr Pro to deeply understand and report on course metrics and student learning achievements across the courses in their Canvas account. Give greater control to Canvas admins over badging activities happening across courses or sub-accounts.

Badgr Pathways.

Give your students a roadmap to success with Badgr Pathways. Map learning journeys such as a certificate, professional development, or degree program along an easy-to-follow pathway that tracks student learning using Open Badges. Add the free Badgr Pathways LTI to courses to motivate students and keep them on track.

Badgr Pricing

We aim to make Badgr not only the easiest badging platform to use but also one of the most affordable additions you can make to your Canvas platform. It is entirely free for users who don’t opt for Badgr Pro or Badgr Pathways.

Badgr for Canvas: Free.

Badgr Pro for Canvas: Tiered pricing is available based on the number of users. More information.

Badgr Pathways LTI: Tiered pricing is available based on the number of users. More information.

Installation Instructions


The user installing the app must have a free Badgr account on one of our servers. Choose the one closest to you for best results.

Note: You must install the Badgr LTI by URL if using a non-U.S. server.

Badgr for Canada / Badgr for Australia / Badgr for EU

Add the app to a course or account:

1) As a Canvas Instructor or Admin, sign up for a Badgr account on one of our servers.

2) Verify your server is connected to Badgr in the Canvas Integration Settings and obtain your LTI credentials. Go to Account -> App Integrations -> Canvas LTI

3) Within Canvas, navigate to the settings for the course or account where you want to use Badgr. From the apps tab:

-Within the U.S.: Use the EduAppCenter to add the Badgr app using the consumer key and shared secret obtained from your Badgr account.

-Other Countries: Configure the app by URL by selecting “View App Configurations.” Enter the configuration URL, consumer key and shared secret obtained from the Badgr server you’ve chosen to connect with. Go to Account -> App Integrations -> Canvas LTI

4) Ensure all modules to be associated with badges have been published and completion requirements have been set.

5) Sign in as a teacher to a course where you have added Badgr. Select the Badges tab in the course navigation sidebar.

6) Define an issuer profile and badges for your course. Assign badges to each module desired. Note: Badges may be created in Canvas, or they may be defined within Badgr itself.

Follow this Checklist for adding Badgr to Canvas courses or visit the Badgr Knowledge Base.

Contact with questions.

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