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A leader in cloud-based text-to-speech (TTS) technology, ReadSpeaker provides learners with the ability to listen to text content. The TTS service helps all learners expand their comprehension and allows for bimodal learning. The seamlessly integrated TTS feature requires no downloads and works on all supported devices and operating systems.

Features of ReadSpeaker Suite of Learning Tools:

100% Web Based - Access from any internet-connected device.

BookShare integration with TextAid.

Reading Language and Speed - Listen to text in 21 languages and adjust the reading speed.

Text Selection and Lookup - Listen to only selected text and perform a web search on selected words or text.

Text Highlighting - Have the text highlighted as it is being read.

Writing Assistance - Have the text read back as the user types.

Text Settings - Customize the text display and formatting for more comfortable reading, including special fonts that improve readability for those with dyslexia.

Screen Masking - Focus on smaller parts of the text at once.

Reading Ruler - Focus on one line at a time.

Talking Calculator - Reads back numbers as well as calculations.

Text Library - Save text to your personal library and retrieve it at any time.

Translation - Translate text into any of the available languages. You can then listen to the translation or revert back to the original language.

Document Reading - Upload your own documents in multiple formats, save them to your personal library, and access them from any device.

Secure Access - All communication between your device and ReadSpeaker TextAid is fully encrypted.

Annotations – draw or write text directly on any uploaded document. Fill in blanks, take a test or add notes and save, print or email the document.


Installation Instructions

We offer both UDL models and Individual bundled licenses. Visit for more detailed information on the ReadSpeaker Canvas integration.

If you are a student, you can sign up for an individual student license by visiting:

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