Blue Coral Atlas of US Expansion

Blue Coral Atlas of US Expansion

by Blue Coral Learning
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Blue Coral Atlas of US Expansion tells the geographic story of the United States from the original thirteen colonies to today. View all the maps together in a single scroll or choose maps either individually or in series together for a closer look.

Blue Coral Atlas of US Expansion is fully responsive in the web browser for large and small devices in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Installation Instructions

Blue Coral Atlas of US Expansion is free to use with an Attribution-NoDerivs creative commons license. (

The Atlas should work without an LTI key and secret but if required email for the free-to-use key and secret or visit for more information.

Config Options
Accessibility Documentation:
Not currently fully accessible
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There is no login, student data, or canvas APIs used in the interactive. The asset will work with or without a key / secret.
Privacy Policy:
Blue Coral Atlas of US Expansion uses IP anonymization with Google Analytics on launch for the purposes of knowing how often the piece is launched from what countries / states / cities. No interaction inside the Guide are tracked or logged. NO other user data is stored or could be linked back to an individual user. For more please visit
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