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Why CourseEval HQ?

Your school offers courses online.

Each term, selected courses and instructors need to be formally evaluated.

You need a course evaluation tool that:

  • ♦ sits right in your learning management system
  • ♦ is quick and easy to use
  • ♦ maintains complete confidentiality of responses
  • ♦ helps achieve high response rates
  • ♦ automatically compiles and distributes evaluation results

And it would be nice if it were affordable, too.

Introducing CourseEval HQ, by Etudes.

Easy Setup, Ease of Use

Installed in under 5 minutes, it sits in your Canvas LMS, in your Account page. From here, it enables you to: - ♦ create your course evaluation surveys - ♦ distribute evaluations to one or more courses at a time - ♦ monitor evaluation progress

Once distributed, a “Course Evaluation” link shows up right in the course navigation list in Canvas. Students click on this link to enter their survey response.

When the survey period closes, a list of authorized recipients are emailed the evaluation results.

It is that simple.

Survey Authoring

A single standard course evaluation survey can be designed and distributed campus-wide. Or, if different departments and programs within an institution use different course evaluation surveys, unique ones for each department, division, or school can be designed. Once a survey is created it can be redistributed to new courses from term to term. All you need to adjust is the delivery dates, recipient of results, or observers (optional).

A variety of likert-scale and other survey questions are built-in the application. Custom questions can be authored easily. You may allow students to add comments to objective questions.

Powerful Features

CourseEval HQ features enable you to:

  • ♦ improve the integrity of the evaluation by limiting the survey participants so that only officially registered students (not self or instructor registered guests) can contribute.
  • ♦ raise response rates by creating a Module in the course which can be made required, so that students must visit the evaluation survey before continuing with remaining coursework.
  • ♦ distribute student surveys to courses that are scheduled to be evaluated, without ever entering the courses. With a few clicks, multiple courses can be selected to participate in the evaluation process.
  • ♦ monitor course evaluations in one or more courses, as they are being administered and completed by students. There is no need to visit each course.
  • ♦ email results automatically to authorized recipients in a beautiful, easy to read, printable PDF file format. Results are confidential and are not made available to any other parties.
  • ♦ schedule online course observations, which automatically enable designated observers to gain access to the course (with an “Observer” role) for a specific period of time.


CourseEval HQ assures confidentiality by:

  • ♦ keeping survey responses anonymous. Results are compiled, but individual responses are never identified.
  • ♦ keeping survey responses and results confidential. Only designated recipients have access to evaluation results. Course instructors, while kept informed of the progress of the evaluation survey, have no direct access to survey results or individual responses.

Online and Integrated

CourseEval HQ gains much of its ease of use by a deep integration with your Canvas LMS data:

  • ♦ at installation, you provide a “Developer Key”, and then approve integration, to permit access to LMS data
  • ♦ your terms, courses, and enrollment are automatically picked up from your LMS - no need to redundantly enter this information
  • ♦ Canvas “Conversations” are used to inform instructors about evaluations in their courses, and to invite students to participate by filling out a survey.
  • ♦ Navigation links are automatically added to courses that are schedule for an evaluation.
  • ♦ Observers are automatically enrolled in the course and then removed, according to the observation schedule you establish. They are also informed by a conversation message of their participation in the evaluation.

CourseEval HQ accesses information from your Canvas LMS as needed - but your data stays in your LMS. The application never stores any of your confidential course or enrollment details.

Response Rate Reporting

Conveniently download, save, analyze, print and distribute the response rate across all evaluated courses for a term in a CSV file.


CourseEval HQ is made responsive, reliable, and available by:

  • ♦ running in the world’s best Cloud infrastructure, Amazon Web Services.
  • ♦ being backed by redundant auto-scaling services, so that no matter the load, it is ready to respond.
  • ♦ being built using the latest technologies, by a team with years of expertise delivering cloud-based services to online educators


As a non-profit corporation, Etudes can offer education software applications at low-cost, stable pricing. Our only constituents are you, the educators, and your students using our services and technologies. See our subscription plans and pricing.

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