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My Kinder Moments

by My Kinder Moments Pty Ltd
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Requires Consumer Key and Secret

My Kinder Moments offers secured platform for educators to record & share child activities with parents.

Why use My Kinder Moments?

  1. Saves educators time by simplifying child recording activities.
  2. One place to manage child portfolios (Photos, Journal Notes and more).
  3. Share child key moments, diary notes and certificates with parents.
  4. Easily associate child activities with “Early Learning outcome framework”.
  5. Receive parents feedback, parents participation not only improves children’s growth but also builds a better family and learning environment.
  6. Rich text editor for recording child activities.
  7. Rich visualisation to track recording activities.
  8. School branded website with custom logo and banner support.

Website: My Kinder Moments

Installation Instructions

Please contact us at to receive your LTI key and secret code.

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