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  • K-6th Grade
  • 7th-12th Grade
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Requires Consumer Key and Secret
IMS Global Certification from

Delivers SCORM packages in a standardized way across learning platforms. Robust SCORM engine with built-in grade passback and activity tracking.

Sign up for a SCORM Cloud account and upload your SCORM packages to get started. A consumer key and secret are automatically generated for each package, and can be retrieved from the package settings page.

KNOWN ISSUE: If you plan on using multiple SCORM Cloud dispatches in a single course and each configured as a Canvas Assignment, this app is not recommended due to a known caching issue.

Instead of using the built-in App in the App Center, click on the “Add New App” button and manually add the dispatch information along with a unique name for each SCO that will be used in the course. Also, make sure to select Configuration Type by URL. Manually-created External SCORM Cloud LTI tools don’t encounter the caching issue.

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