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CN ePortfolio: Lifelong for all students, worldwide.

Offered by CourseNetworking LLC (CN), the CN ePortfolio is designed to be integrated with all LTI compliant LMS(s). It offers comprehensive and innovative ePortfolio functionalities optimized for 21st-century students. CN ePortfolio offers lifelong access for students in school and far beyond college graduation. It was conceptualized and built to be the best academic ePortfolio on the market to facilate student learning and increase career readiness.

With CN ePortfolio, students can easily collect learning evidence (badges, certificates, transcripts, papers, showcases, recommendations, etc.), set a visibility setting on each item, tag skills (can be used for filtering and search) and archive old content. All learning evidence is automatically certified through LTI integration.

The CN ePortfolio LTI tool is available to all academic institutions worldwide. If you are an institution that wants to explore and license the CN ePortfolio LTI tool, please send a request to If you’re interested in ePortfolio but don’t have the budget for LTI - please contact us and ask about our FREE ePortfolio with institution branded gateway pages.

Student ePortfolio example:

Faculty ePortfolio example:


The CN ePortfolio offers the following value-adding benefits to your students and institution:

  • Provide life-long access, on campus and after graduation
  • Strengthen academic social network
  • Assist in collecting, reflecting on and sharing learning evidence
  • Full support for badges and micro-certificates, certify through LTI integration
  • Deliver a variety of content access settings
  • Support easy creation and distribution
  • Encourage multimedia embedment and personalization
  • Create different versions of the ePortfolio and tracking employer visits
  • Mobile friendly user interface
  • Rich Institution Admin controls and analytics on student ePortfolio activities
  • FERPA and accessibility compliant
  • Flexible and affordable licensing plans

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