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Requires Consumer Key and Secret (click here to generate)

Canvas is the LMS that makes teaching and learning easier. Flip is the video discussion platform that makes teaching and learning more personal, fun, and engaging. Integrate the two platforms seamlessly with Flip’s Canvas integration!

  • Canvas Access Control - Only students in your Canvas course can access your connected Groups. Students can still join on mobile but must start within the Canvas app.
  • SpeedGrader - Add a Flip Topic for your next Canvas Assignment. Student videos automatically show up in SpeedGrader.
  • Anywhere, Anytime - As long as students click the green + within Canvas, they can record on any computer or on the free Flip iOS + Android apps.

Flip does not support admin or account-level setup. Additionally, existing Groups and Topics cannot be integrated. Instead, teachers need to setup their own integrations and it will create a new Group & Topics for each course.

To use the Flip Canvas integration, educators must first have a Flip account. Visit https://admin.flip.com/manage/settings?integrations to login or create your 100% free educator account.

Installation Instructions

Part 1 - Adding the Flip App to your Canvas Course

1.  Within Canvas, select one of your courses from the sidebar menu.

2.  Select Settings from the navigation menu and then Apps from the tab.

3.  Once the External Apps view loads, search for Flip.

4.  Select Flip and click Add App.

5.  Login to your Flip account and go to the integrations section https://admin.flip.com/manage/settings?integrations

6.  Select the Add New Integration button and name your integration (e.g. Spring Course, hour 2).

7.  Copy your Flip key & secret into the Canvas fields

Part 2 - Adding Flip Assignments

1.  Within your Canvas course, select Assignments and click the blue + Assignments button.

2.  Fill in the necessary fields you would normally want for a Canvas assignment, then scroll to the Submission Type box.

3.  Under the Submission Type drop-down menu, select External Tool. Click Find and select your Flip configuration from the modal.

4.  Check the box labeled Load This Tool In A New Tab.

5.  Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to finish creating your Canvas Assignment. - If it’s your first time adding Flip, be sure to open the Assignment and click “Load test in a new window” to ensure the Flipgrid Topic is generated.

6.  You will now see the Canvas Assignment you created and a new Flip Topic automatically generated.

*NOTE - You cannot integrate existing Flip Topics.**

FAQs for Flip + Canvas

I want Flip to show in my course sidebar

To avoid issues with Speedgrader, Flip is not defaulted to show in the course sidebar. To enable Flip in the sidebar, head to Settings and select Navigation. There you can drag Flip to be listed in the sidebar.

As the educator, I see “Course not connected”

Adding a Flip integration must be done individually by the course teacher. To add the integration, your role in the course must be designated as “Teacher.” Select the People tab on your course sidebar and confirm your role is marked as Teacher.

My students are struggling with finding the Flip assignment on mobile.

To participate on a mobile device, make sure students have the Flip app downloaded from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store, then follow these steps:

-  Tap the “Submission” tab within this Assignment

-  Tap “Launch External Tool”.

-  Tap the “Record a Response” button where you will be prompted to “Open in app.”

I want to add an existing Flip Group or Topic to Canvas. Why can’t I do this?

Canvas does not allow existing Groups or Topics to be integrated. Instead, each new assignment will automatically create a Topic which integrates to Speedgrader. Add any details of the assignment to Canvas instead of Flip to make sure duplication works for future courses!

My Canvas App Store does not show Flip. How can I add Flip as an app?

If the Canvas App Store has not been enabled for you, or if Flip does not appear as an option, follow these steps to manually add it:

1.  Within Canvas, select one of your courses

2.  Select Settings from the navigation menu and then Apps from the tab Click the blue + App button

3.  Under Configuration Type, select By URL in the drop-down menu Enter a name for the app in the Name field (example: Flip app)

4.  To generate a Consumer Key and Shared Secret follow steps 1-4 in the “Installing Flip” section above and add them to the fields.

5.  Lastly, copy and paste https://static.flipgrid.com/source/canvas/flip_canvas.xml in the Config URL field and then click the Submit button.

6.  Follow the steps above to add Canvas assignments and select Flip as the external tool.

Config Options
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Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS