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The Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback & Intervention System—AEFIS is the web-based assessment management solution that facilitates the collection and application of real-time assessment data. The scalable platform enables the continuous quality improvement of curriculum and fosters personalized learning by engaging administrators, faculty, students, alumni and industry.

AEFIS is a superior SaaS solution platform for learning assessment and continuous improvement for higher education. AEFIS helps bring balance between old school models of accountability and the modern needs for competency based personalized learning assessment. Many Universities struggle to document their success with teaching, and learning, and using real-time information to improve their curricula. AEFIS automates the best practices in individual student assessment and evaluation in order to enhance curriculum development, and streamline the accreditation processes campus wide.

AEFIS Solutions: - Curriculum Mapping + Outcomes Alignment - Outcomes Assessment + Evidence Collection - Outcomes Transcript + Competency Portfolio - Self Study + Accreditation Reporting - Strategic Planning + Data Collection - Faculty Activity + Curriculum Vitae

Installation Instructions

These steps should be completed be a Canvas Administrator on your campus.

On this page:

Type your AEFIS URL in the Launch URL field under Config Options For example:

Copy the entire URL shown in the field under Configuration URL For example:

Complete the configuration in Canvas:

Login to your account and go to the admin view

Go to Settings

Go to the Apps tab

Click on the Add App button

Click By URL under Configuration Type

Type AEFIS Tools in the Name field

Enter the LTI Key in the Consumer Key field

Enter the LTI Secret in the Shared Secret field

Paste the Configuration URL in the Config URL field

Config Options
Accessibility Documentation:
AEFIS is committed to providing tools that support the needs of users with disabilities and we use ADA guidelines to be compliant with the current standards. AEFIS is currently working towards compliance with the upcoming changes to the ADA standards according to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).
Security Information:
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Privacy Policy:
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Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS