Hawkes Learning Sync Tool

Hawkes Learning Sync Tool

by Michael Silver
  • Postsecondary
  • Canvas
Requires Consumer Key and Secret

The Hawkes Synchronization external tool allows you to sync grades from your Hawkes Course back to your Canvas course.

Installation Instructions

After providing your Hawkes’ technical representative with the URL of your school’s Canvas instance, you will be provided with the key and secret needed to complete the app setup.

You add the Hawkes Sync Tool app to your Canvas course, then create a Hawkes module in the Canvas course and add the Hawkes Sycn Tool external tool to this module. Since only instructor will be able to successfull use this tool, make sure not to publish the Hawkes Sync Tool app so students do not have access to this tool.

Config Options
Accessibility Documentation:
<a href=http://www.hawkeslearning.com/Accessibility/index.html>Hawkes Learning Accessibility</a>
Security Information:
<h3> Hawkes Integration for Canvas Security Overview</h3> <h4>Automatic updates</h4> We automatically install security patches as soon as they are available. <h4>Data access</h4> The Hawkes Canvas Integrations use communication that is based on the industry-standard OAuth2 protocol, which provides secure communication between Hawkes and Canvas, while preventing direct access to Hawkes and Canvas databases. <h4>Authentication</h4> Hawkes supports external identity providers (IdPs), including Active Directory, CAS, LDAP, OpenID, and SAML/Shibboleth. <h4>Physical security</h4> All Hawkes user data is stored in highly stable and secure data centers. <h4>Protocol and session security</h4> To ensure the privacy and security of your data, Hawkes uses HTTPS for all communication and encrypts all inbound and outbound traffic using 128-bit TLS/SSL. <h4>Backup and recovery</h4> Hawkes data is backed up redundantly (every day). In case of emergency or disaster, data is recovered from our own off-site backup.
Privacy Policy:
<a href=http://www.hawkeslearning.com/privacy.html>Hawkes Learning Privacy Policy</a> <br> <a href=http://www.hawkeslearning.com/terms.html>Hawkes Learning Terms of Use</a>
LMS API's your app uses:
The Hawkes Sync Tool uses the Students, CustomGradeBookColumns, Assignments, Assignment Groups, Submissions, and CustomColumns APIs. More specificially apis under: users custom_gradebook_columns assignments assignment_groups
Configuration URL: Paste this URL into your LMS