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Codio is the cloud infrastructure and learning platform for Computer Science educators and students. Our vision is to raise performance in computer science and related education fields and to build a world with more creators and problem solvers. Today, Codio supports online degree programs, on-campus undergraduate and graduate classes at institutions worldwide as well as courses on edX. Codio is also used extensively in K-12 for computer science teaching. We save faculty time, reduce IT costs, improve student engagement and provide instructors with new previously inaccessible learning insights.

Installation Instructions

Codio requires no software installation - just a simple account creation process. To get started, simply create a free organization trial at and review our Docs at We can also run a dedicated on-boarding session for new education institutions. To request an on-boarding session please email us at

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Accessibility Documentation:
At the start of this year we engaged Tenon, and accessibility specialist to audit the platform for ADA compliance and to guide us in terms of the priorities for implementation - we are substantially embarked on that work - and expect to have it all complete by the end of 2018. In current state the most parts of the system have correct navigation with `Tab` button and screen-readers support
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